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The collaborative spirit of "giving back" is a hallmark of the Eminence Fellows Program.  Eminence Fellows contribute to the campus and local community through the development of a class service initiative.  This unique cohort-based service project fosters a collective effort at addressing a community issue or problem that is identified by the students themselves.  This model breeds social entrepreneurship allowing each Fellow to contribute their own unique talents to the project.  The potential to make significant change, learn the valuable skills of compromise and collaboration as well as develop leadership skills within a strong community of leaders is evident.​​

Current Class Projects

Class of 2018: PassGo
download.pngPassGo's primary mission is to prepare ex-offenders to find steady and meaningful employment, connect them with sustainable opportunities, and empower them to overcome personal barriers.  We also aim to build small business partnerships, helping job seekers and employers simultaneously.  
Visit their website to learn more. 

Class of 2019: Best Food Forward

Best Food Forward is a bulk buying club that empowers the OSU community through access to affordable, nutritious foods. We bring members together to collectively purchase produce and dry goods at whole sale prices on campus while offering training and resources on food safety, nutrition, and budget friendly recipes. Through this, we address food insecurity through three ways: geographic, to allow those with or without a car to still have access to these foods and autonomy over their own diets; financial, to provide an average of 50% cost savings relative to local grocery stores; and educational, providing the resources for buyers to manage their own diets and budgets, possibly for the first time in their lives. In our first operational year, we saved over $10,000 relative to local retailer prices across hundreds of bulk-buyers. Moving forward, we plan on continuing to grow our impact by increasing outreach to graduate students and local community members, building more educational materials, and expanding the food selection and availability points we can provide. 
Visit their website to learn more.​

Class of 2020: Enlighten
Enlighten mobilizes college students to confront human trafficking in Central Ohio through community events, narrative-based awareness, and direct civic engagement. Enlighten strives for a global culture of compassion in which the realities of human trafficking are not only known but actively challenged and ultimately eradicated.

Alumni Class Projects

Class of 2017: ENCompass
ENCompass is an undergraduate student organization at Ohio State dedicated to bridging the gap between medical and social care. Poor health can be exacerbated by many factors, and by addressing needs indirectly related to their medical care, we hope to improve our clients' overall health and decrease readmission rates. Using online resource database systems, our student volunteers connect clients to the many existing resources in Columbus that can meet their needs. We aim to serve with professionalism, humility, and a respect for individuals and the community. The organization brings together students, advisors, and partners from a wide range of backgrounds and viewpoints, and it is our hope that student volunteers will leave with a more intimate knowledge of the community that supports​ their university and a deeper understanding of the need for holistic healthcare.

Class of 2016: Theatre Arts Group (TAG)
Theatre Arts Group (TAG) began at Columbus North International School (CNIS) in September 2014 with the mission to provide opportunity for creative, artistic expression through theatre experiences, theatre education, and mentorship. Noting that CNIS lacked a formal theater program, Eminence Fellows saw the opportunity to provide these students with otherwise inaccessible opportunities to experience theatre and develop essential skills for their time in school and beyond. In February of 2015, TAG received a year-long $4,000 mini-grant from the OSU College of Education and Human Ecology P-12 Initiative. TAG’s recognition as a CNIS extracurricular activity and the partnership with the school continues to grow. TAG received the Student Group Award for Excellence in Community Service Programming in April of 2016.​​