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Who do I contact for technical assistance with my e-Portfolio?
If you have any problems logging in or any technical problems with your site, send a message to  Explain that you are a participant in the Honors & Scholars e-Portfolio program.  Be sure to include your lastname.# and the name or URL of your e-Portfolio site.​

​​How do I make my e-Portfolio private?
You can control the privacy settings of your e-Portfolio ​just like any other site. There are three privacy settings: Public,Protected, and Private. Your e-Portfolio will default to public when you activate your site. You can learn more about the privacy settings and how to change them through this guide.​ 

​​How do students get an e-Portfolio?
Starting with the Class of 2019, incoming first year students automatically have an e-portfolio created for them through For upperclassmen interested in receiving an e-Portfolio, you can sign up through this form (link coming soon). Students are uploaded once each semester during the Fall and Spring terms. 

​​I requested an e-Portfolio, how do I access it?
When students have an e-Portfolio created for them, they will recieve an email from Honors & Scholars with setup instructions and tips to get started. ​​​If you missed this email, you can follow the instructions found on our website here. Remember, we only upload students once a semester, so please be patient if you are waiting for access at the start of next semester.